Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm Worried!


I brushed my teeth and washed my face,
I put all my toys back in their place;
now I'm in bed and beginning to worry -
is anyone coming to read me a story?

Featured: a blanket for a new nephew, on the way
graciously modeled by my nephew Tomer

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Walk in Kibbutz Regavim

10 things I've learned during my walk in Kibbutz Regavim:

1. If you go for a walk at noon on the most scorching day of the year
don't be surprised if you don't meet anyone on the way

2. Alternately, they may all have been abducted by aliens, joined a cult,
or run away with the circus. Heat does funny things to you.

3. These people have a sound grasp of outdoor living.
That shaded mattress under the red canopy looked very inviting.

4. The outdoor bath with the hose was a step too far, though.

5. This must be the most child-friendly place ever.
That dress-up corner was pure magic!

6. My little niece Dana was a perfect walking companion.
She did lose her head when she saw the tree house and insisted on climbing it,
three times, but, really, who wouldn't.

7. For low maintenance plants go for indigenous species.
Oleander, palm trees, olive trees, bougainvilleas,
beautiful bold colors.

8. But don't ever try to pick a wild prickly pear.
Just don't do it!

9. Personally, I would not leave a piano outside
but Dana enjoyed playing on it and there was so much to keep her interested.

10. There may one day be an end to this endless summer!
We saw beautiful pomegranates on the trees,
a sure sign of autumn.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bedtime Stories Waiting to be Told

This little cushion is made for the pram or the cot
of a new baby that will be joining us next month.
It holds the beginnings of four bedtime stories waiting to be told:

The flower with the heart of gold,
The little Bird who didn't like the cold,
The lonely pot looking for a friend,
The pink rabbit whose party was rained.

And there are bubbles, because who doesn't like bubbles.

Friday, July 24, 2015

My Week in Scotland - The Sequel


I want to share a few more photos from my Scottish holiday
which gives me an opportunity to launch my own personal award show:

Nicest ruined castle: Linlithgow Palace.
It is the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots (let me tell you,
this little lady got around!) and so very romantic and interesting.
Even I, with no head for heights, was tempted to climb all the way up.

Best little tea shop: Brodies of Linlithgow.
I don't know which was more perfect, the vintage decor or the cream tea.
Who thought to put clotted cream in a cappuccino cup? Brilliant.

Favorite coastal town: St. Andrews.
We were there on graduation day so it was extra busy and fun.
And the coffee shop where William and Kate used to meet is doing good business.

Prettiest village: Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomond.
And not just because of the 'train', the whole place is picture perfect.

Most gorgeous chapel: Rosslyn Chapel.
Perhaps the most elegant I've ever seen, this 15th century chapel is very popular since
it appeared in the Da Vinci Code movie. They don't allow you to take photos inside.

Best behaved animal: the friendly cow who would come to the 
fence every morning to say hello as I was going for a walk.

Most mysterious destination: Inchmahome Priory.
The medieval priory is set on an island in the middle of a pretty lake.
You're supposed to ring a bell and they come to collect you by boat.
And yes, Mary, Queen of Scots stayed there as well.

Yummiest thing around: Baked goods.
Cupcakes, I'm glad to report, are very big in Scotland this season.

Best garden: Branklyn Garden, near Perth.
It is based on a collection of plants from China, Tibet and the Himalayas,
which means that it is built on a slope with a lot of secret corners.

Favorite loch: Loch Katrine.
Probably because it was the first and the only one we sailed on.

Most cheerful fellow: the captain of the steamboat Lady of the Lake,
who kept us entertained as we sailed the loch, even though he was freezing on deck. 

Cutest moment: two little doggies stored securely
in their car seats

Most disappointing moment: when a deer run across the lawn of our rental home
just when I went inside. Obviously, no photo.

Friday, July 17, 2015

In The Garden

Somewhere in the garden there is a pretty nest,
a little bird is sleeping in, enjoying this bit of rest;
and then a papa bird flies in, looking rather stern:
we've been singing since sunrise, get up and do your turn!

Featured: a little cushion in the making

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Little Treasures

These crochet collars were made, I think, by my grandmother.
I found them among her things after she passed away.
I've never used them. I keep them safe in a cupboard 
and take them out once a year to wash and iron.

I have other unused treasure stashed with them -
embroidered tablecloths and handkerchiefs and such.
I sometimes question the sanity of that cupboard,
but who could bear to part with handmade treasures?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Week in Scotland



10 things I've learned during my Scotland holiday:

1. I've never met so many nice people in one place but they do have a fierce history, 
castles and fortresses and battlefields all over the place

2. You cannot have too much green!
The miles upon miles of open ranges were pure joy and full of sheep and cows.

3. You cannot have too much water, either!
The beauty of the Lochs is beyond words and you can see them by boat.

4. The loch monsters are very shy and did not come out for us.
The local peacocks, on the other hand, can be quite aggressive!

5. Scottish food is not bad, especially if you go for fish and chips,
but these people can bake! Cakes, scones, cupcakes, all so delicious.

6. On the other hand, Scone Palace, while being a grand mansion full of history,
does not serve scones! Something should be done. Really.

7.  And while on the subject of food, I did not see a single fried Mars bar!
Isn't that supposed to be the national desert? 

8. We stayed in a rural area, apparently fully inhabited by athletes.
We were constantly surrounded by cyclists, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.
I had to take a long walk each morning or they would have sent me packing.

9. Quiet is a blessed thing. From our beautiful house in the middle of nowhere to a 
castle packed with tourists, it all felt so calm and peaceful. 
Except for our day in Edinburgh, of course, but a big city doesn't count.

10. Coming from a hot, sunny country I adored the cool cloudy weather.
The people we spoke with were less impressed and hoped for a proper summer.
But the constant rain does reward them with the most beautiful gardens.