Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Week in Scotland



10 things I've learned during my Scotland holiday:

1. I've never met so many nice people in one place but they do have a fierce history, 
castles and fortresses and battlefields all over the place

2. You cannot have too much green!
The miles upon miles of open ranges were pure joy and full of sheep and cows.

3. You cannot have too much water, either!
The beauty of the Lochs is beyond words and you can see them by boat.

4. The loch monsters are very shy and did not come out for us.
The local peacocks, on the other hand, can be quite aggressive!

5. Scottish food is not bad, especially if you go for fish and chips,
but these people can bake! Cakes, scones, cupcakes, all so delicious.

6. On the other hand, Scone Palace, while being a grand mansion full of history,
does not serve scones! Something should be done. Really.

7.  And while on the subject of food, I did not see a single fried Mars bar!
Isn't that supposed to be the national desert? 

8. We stayed in a rural area, apparently fully inhabited by athletes.
We were constantly surrounded by cyclists, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.
I had to take a long walk each morning or they would have sent me packing.

9. Quiet is a blessed thing. From our beautiful house in the middle of nowhere to a 
castle packed with tourists, it all felt so calm and peaceful. 
Except for our day in Edinburgh, of course, but a big city doesn't count.

10. Coming from a hot, sunny country I adored the cool cloudy weather.
The people we spoke with were less impressed and hoped for a proper summer.
But the constant rain does reward them with the most beautiful gardens.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pillow Talk

They always tell me to clean up my room
they've even suggested a dustpan and broom;
"tidy your toys, hang up your dress"
they take all the fun out of making a mess!

Featured: my niece and nephew and some of my handmade pillows
I make a LOT of pillows

Tomorrow and for the whole of next week I'm on holiday in Scotland
I'll miss you all

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Week in Cannes - The Sequel

One of the pleasures of my visit to Cannes was the morning visit
to the best farmers' market I've ever seen.

This is how it's done:
You begin in the coffee shop opposite the east entrance.
You have your morning coffee and croissant and a little conversation.
Then you take a leisurely walk looking at all the market stalls,
fantasizing what you would buy and cook if you lived there.
You come out in the west entrance and sit the cafe there,
having another small coffee and resting from all this activity.
And then you begin your day.

Featured in the bottom photo: my plate of roasted vegetables
with rice-stuffed cabbage and grape leaves and Taztiki

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Yellow Fellow

People think I'm a cheerful fellow
just because I'm head to toe yellow;
but it is true and I must tell
that I have a temper and am moody as hell!

Featured: a grumpy felt fellow made from a drawing by my niece

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake

One last post about my London holiday.
I was having a morning coffee in the cafe in Russel Square
when I saw something fun - a book launch was being set up.
 The book is called 'The Cake Shop in the Garden'
and the idea behind the display was a completely edible garden.

The launch itself was a few hours away so I couldn't stay
but they were happy to let me take some photos.
I think my favorite is the battenberg cake carpet.
Or the back wall completely made of cake slices.
Or the sprinkle covered funnel.
Or the cupcakes.