Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Nice Day Out


A nice day out exploring
can never be boring
when the sky is blue
and there is much to do.

You while away the hours
listening to the flowers
as they talk to the bees
with friendship and ease.

You watch the wind tease
the fallen leaves 
or ruffle the trees
with a cooling breeze.

You raise you face
to the sun's embrace
and know no better way
to spend an April day.

Featured: Enjoying another day out
in this best of springs.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here
all is in bloom,
and little doll Millie
is holding a broom.

She is giving the playroom
a good old clean,
going over and under
and in-between.

The grumpy bear says:
"Well, if you must,
but what is wrong
with a little dust?

Millie doesn't listen,
she is on a mission,
she polishes the floor,
fluffs up the cushion.

The bear tries again:
"You go a bit far,
we do like things 
just as they are."

Millie says to the bear:
"You really are sweet,
now stop complaining 
and move your feet."

"Open the window,
let in the air,
and enjoy the season
you silly old bear!"

Featured: a new doll, Millicent,
who knows her own mind and speaks it too.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
Maybe This Time
by Jennifer Crusie

1. The plot - Andie Miller's ex-husband needs a favor.
He finds himself the guardian of two children living
in a creepy old house and there are rumors of strange
things. Andie, he is convinced, can sort it out.

2. The protagonist - Andie is my kind of woman. 
I liked her from page one and she didn't put a 
foot wrong. She is resourceful and intrepid,
loyal and loving. And she bakes.

3. The things that go bump in the night - I quite like ghosts.
Wouldn't necessarily want them in my home, but
in a grand crumbling mansion - they are almost a must.

4. The message - this book, as the title delicately implies,
is about second chances and these are a precious commodity.

5. Sometimes you really want a light, funny, happily-ever-after 
book that is well written and touches your heart.

Featured: tea towels blowing in the wind

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Doomed Duet

Primrose and Orangette
are singing a duet 
at the village fete.

Orangette clears her throat
hits a high note
and startles a goat.

The goat bleats a cry
and runs into the guy
who sells meat pie.

The guy really tries
to save his meat pies
but hope soon dies.

All around the fair
people stop and stare
at the guilty singing pair.

Then the pie stand
topples to the ground.
And our duo is banned.

Featured: my hippie bus.
One day I will drive it to Tahiti
with the wind blowing in my hair.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Wake Up!

The garden's in chaos,
things are quite bad
and Spring slumbers on
snoring like mad.

A snail hurries over
and gives Spring a shake,
planning, if needed
to bribe him with cake.

"Wake up, wake up
you have to see reason -
Winter is leaving
and we don't have a season!"

Spring jumps and mutters:
"Sorry! Sorry my dear,
nobody told me
I'm on early this year."

Featured: a little sampler
about to become a little shopping bag.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

They'll Miss Me When I'm Gone


Going out the door
is old man Winter,
muttering to himself
and feeling quite bitter:

"For all my hard work,
the quality weather I bring -
all I hear around me
is joy to welcome spring!

It makes me want to storm,
it makes me want to rain,
but after a long summer
see if they don't want me again!"

Featured: out and about
on a beautiful spring-like day

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

And a Time for Every Purpose

The house is untidy
the yard is a mess,
the sheets need washing
the dress needs a press.

The dishes are piled
up high in the sink,
but right at this moment
I'm having a think!

Featured: Orangette is enjoying a quiet moment
on a rag made from leftover bits and pieces.