Friday, April 29, 2016

A Morning Walk in Tel Aviv


10 reasons why it is sometimes nice
to be a tourist in your own country:

1. The natives all speak your language.

2. You have your car with you. And you know where to park it.

3. However well you know a place,
there is always something new to discover.

4. There is a chance you'll meet a friend along the way,
hopefully someone you've not seen for ages.

5. There is a chance you'll make a new friend.

6. No airport security, no plane delays, no jet-lag.

7. And you can buy anything you want!
No luggage limitations.

8. If you're not in an exploring mood
you sit yourself in a coffee shop and just stay there.
You can always come back.

9. Traffic jams on the way home?
Well, if you don't have your music with you, water and a snack
you really should have planned better.

10. At the end of the day you sleep in your own bed.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Be It Ever So Humble

A little snail
was feeling strange,
restless and bored
he needed some change.

He didn't at all
like the feel of gravel,
but still decided it was
time to travel.

He thought he'd go big
and travel abroad,
in short - he decided
to cross the road.

The countryside was deserted
night began to fall,
and the snail started crossing
at a leisurely stroll.

He enjoyed the quiet,
and the cool evening air,
the scent of wild flowers
that hung everywhere.

All was going well
when suddenly, from afar,
he was sure that he heard
the sound of a car.

He'd dawdled too long
now it was morning,
and traffic appeared
without any warning.

Hurrying to cross
dodging an early commuter,
he was almost run over
by a guy on a scooter.

The snail finally crossed
and collapsed without breath,
thinking he'd avoided
a sad and painful death:

"I carry my home with me
and it sure is good luck,
cause one thing's for certain -
I'm not crossing back!"

Featured: Winter's last craft -
a crochet blanket modeled by a handsome assistant,
my nephew Tomer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Dancing Elephant

There was an elephant
who liked to dance,
at least he would have 
if given a chance.

He's been asking around
and scoring zero -
nobody wanted
to dance with our hero.

The ostrich said:
"his feet are too big -
while mine are narrow
and long like a twig."

The monkeys decided
he had no rhythm,
and wouldn't hear of
dancing with him.

The elephant went home
his spirit blown,
it's just no fun
when you're dancing alone.

Mama elephant said:
"don't worry my son,
you father and I
will see to the fun."

"a sweet elephant girl
just moved next door,
we'll invite her over
and dance up the floor."

The elephant Nina
was ready to dance,
she knew some steps - 
samba, disco and trance.

Papa cleared the room
(they all had big feet)
and mama brought fruit
for something to eat.

The parents showed
the young ones the tango,
then they all waltzed 
and ate some mango.

Featured: This exotic elephant
will decorate a lunch bag
(or end up in the unfinished pile).

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Time for Every Season


In a quiet garden, 
sitting on a tree,
a bird got to talking 
with a busy bee.

The bee wanted to know: 
tell me, my dear -
what is your favorite 
time of the year?

The bird thought deeply 
season by season,
wanting to impress
the bee with her reason.

She thought of the hope
and the promise of spring;
of the lazy heat
that summer will bring.

Of autumn's lovely colors,
all smokey and gold;
and the cruel beauty
of the harsh winter's cold.

She thought of happy singing
when summer is bright,
and finding a cozy shelter
for the winter's night.

And finally she said
let me answer, dear:
my favorite must always be
the time that is here.

Featured: weekend photos taken in
the time that is here -
glorious spring.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again

The house is in an uproar
and everyone is gay,
a little baby girl
is coming home today.

Feeling quite resentful
is that little boy John,
what good is a sister -
babies make him yawn.

He knows well what is coming
all the fuss and noise,
she'd better leave him be
and never touch his toys!

But upstairs in the playroom
the toys are having fun,
they're throwing quite a party
and invited everyone.

The music box is playing
and the bear takes a chance -
he gears up all his courage
and asks the doll to dance.

They whirl about the room
and stumble on the bunny,
the bunny drops the cake
and even that is funny.

They've been quite sad and lonely
when John didn't want to play,
but now there is a baby - 
it is a brand new day!

This post is dedicated to all of you
who thought my doll and bear deserved better.
They thank you for caring.

Featured: some of my favorite softies
snuggled in a little bed
recycled from a cardbox.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A dynamic Duo

Alone in the playroom
sat a doll and a bear,
the doll was quite cross
and she wanted to share:

"The children ignore us
and don't want to play, 
I think that it's time 
we went on our way."

The bear thought the doll
was ever so right - 
little John never came now
to bid him goodnight!

They packed up a sandwich
and cake for the road,
and added some games
in case they got bored.

A bottle of water,
a hat and a sweater -
and off they went
to somewhere much better.

They got as far as
the house down the lane,
when all at once
it started to rain.

The bear thought perhaps
it was time to go home,
when all of a sudden
the rain turned to storm.

The doll felt chilly:
"well, there may be a fuss,
but John will be lonely
and sure to miss us."

They hurried back home
wet and bitterly cold,
all the while thinking
they were in for a scold.

Sound asleep in his bed
was that little boy John,
he'd never even noticed
that they had been gone.

Featured: two new soft friends.
This was a collaboration with my niece Dana,
who drew the paintings to complement the two friends.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Five Star Review

Five reasons I'm giving Five Stars to:
The Midwife of Hope River
by Patricia Harman:

1. The time and place - the story unfolds in the
Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia during the great depression of the 1930s.
The fine details of the story bring to life the unique community that lives there 
in poverty and isolation, but always with hope. And then there are the many
domestic details that I found particularly interesting.

2. The protagonist - Patience Murphy.
Patience has unique voice, unlike any I've ever heard.
She comes to the mountains to escape a complicated past.
Armed with a birth satchel and little confidence, she delivers babies 
for blacks and whites who can no longer afford a doctor.

3. The message - The story carries a beautiful message of 
love and hope, friendship and humanity, with a little humor thrown in.
We meet people who have so little to give yet are the most giving of all.

4. The author - This is Patricia Harman's debut novel.
Harman herself was a lay midwife in rural communities in the 60s
and there is an honesty in this book that must come from her experience.

5. Do you know that feeling you get when you finish a great book
and you are sad about saying goodbye to everyone?
Well, there is a sequel, The Reluctant Midwife, and it is every bit as good!

Featured: a cloth bag embellished with a heart applique.
Could be used for books. Or a sandwich.